Evaluations for Learning Disorders and Attention Deficit Disorder

The Evaluation

There will be an interview about the current problem or problems, the things that have been done to address the problem and about your background and development including family, academic and health factors. Performance throughout your academic experience will be considered. I may meet with or telephone your parents to gather more information about development. Several individual tests will be administered including tests of ability and achievement.

How long will this take?

For planning purposes, you can expect to see me for a total of about five to eight hours, spread over about four sessions, of up to two hours each.


Contact me to discuss fees. Payment is your responsibility and I prefer to bill you directly rather than your insurance company. I will help you with forms and information your insurer might want.

Most insurance companies do not cover psychological testing or diagnoses that do not indicate medical necessity such as Learning Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. You or your parents should check with your insurer to find out if costs of the evaluation or partial costs are covered. Many insurers require pre-certification for coverage of psychological evaluations so check with your insurer about that before we start. I can provide you with procedure codes and possible diagnostic codes before you call your insurer or I can talk with your insurer directly if necessary.

Cornell students on financial aid should check with the office of Student Disability Services, since Cornell may cover some or all of the costs.

I will bill you or your parents at the time I send a report in. If there is no report to be made, you will be billed after the interpretation session. Payment within thirty days is expected.

Interpretation of Findings

I will meet with you a few days after testing has been completed to tell you about your test scores and interpret my findings. If a report is to be sent to your college or university I will ask you to sign a statement instructing me to send such a report.

The Report

The report will describe the presenting problem, your developmental history, background, and my observations, your test scores and conclusions including recommendations for accommodations and things you might do to improve your performance, if appropriate.

You will receive a copy of the report, and it is usually completed within seven to ten days after the interpretation session. There is no charge for the interpretation session and the report.

George Schuler, PhD

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